Plastic Cards or Wallet money

Debit card credit cards and wallet money Now days the way of transactions we use to do have changed a lot in from paper to digital way due to major push on Digital and internet penetration in india and it has given a choice of doing payments via plastic cards Debit Card or Credit Card and Digital Wallet all major banks have launched their Digital Wallet, lets understand between credit debit Cards  and Digital Wallet based Payments.

Check Eligibility 

Any bank account holder is eligible for Debit Card where as Credit Cards is having eligibility criteria depends upon credit worthiness of individuals

Anyone those who have bank account with Internet and smart phones device can have WALLET

Limits on spending Amount 

With CARD we can utilize the full amount of money in saving bank account

In WALLET Permissible limit is 50,000 with partial KYC and up to 1,00,000 with Full KYC
Amount to be Parked CARD Card has access to the full money parked at the savings bank account. WALLET Any amount that the user feels comfortable with, maximum limit is RS 50,000 with partial KYC Rs 1,00,000 with full KYC.

Interest on money

In Debit Cards as money is kept in a saving account so account holders get interest earned on the money kept in saving account for Credit card holder they are not for eligible for any interest.

In WALLET No Interest is paid on Money kept in Wallet as Money is kept into escrow account.

Acceptability International payments 

From Cards we can do international payments
International Payments is not possible through cards.

Security methods
CARDS are protected by pin for Physical transactions for online transactions two step verification are required.
Where as WALLET requires only one step verification mostly by one Time Password only.

Acceptability across platform

ATM CARDS are widely accepted and universal across all major platform ,retailer and Ecommerce players.
MOBILE WALLETS are accepted mostly by Ecommerce Players mostly depends upon merchants to merchants

Plastic card is generally useful for cash withdrawal from ATM and need to carry physically to the POS for shopping Wallet Money is an app for which we need to have a smartphone with internet connection and money can be transferred with the use of internet by the app.

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