Free service and surcharge on Debit cards & credit cards

Wow it now shopping time !!!! Free service and surcharge on Debit cards, credit cards and wallet payments like never before shopping payments and other e-payments are now tax free and charges will also be reduced Under digital India push by Narendra Modi government electronic payments through Credit Cards Debit Cards and Wallet Money, government have decided removal of service tax surcharge withdrawal and fees on convenience on digital payments credit cards payments debit card payments & e payments and all other charges by organisations and different departments of governments.

Debit card and credit card charges such us Merchant discount rate (MDR) will be rationalise to push digital payments or e-payments and also regulate all other fees charged by bank for providing services credit cards and debit cards customers.

Through electronics payments many black money circulation can be traced and tax avoidance will be able to measure, all the measures is expected to roll out within two years and some short measures will be able to implement within this year.

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